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Position Your Internal IT Team for More Success

When your IT staff are stretched too thin, it’s inevitable that they’re not going to get to every task that’s needed to keep IT functioning. What’s more, it’s unrealistic to think that a small IT team is going to have all the knowledge and capabilities needed for comprehensive IT management.

More and more companies are looking to co-managed IT services to fill the gaps in their IT department and free internal IT to do what they do best.

How Do Co-Managed IT Services Work?

The beauty of co-managed IT is in the way that we can customize services so that all of your IT bases are covered. The arrangement that we customize for you will give you the equivalent of a fully-staffed IT department, while you get the benefits that only a Managed Service Provider can bring such as:

  • Access to IT expertise that you don’t have in-house
  • Implementation of IT best practices
  • Improved utilization and support for Microsoft 365
  • Utilization of sophisticated IT management tech tools
  • IT department coverage when your staff can’t be there
  • Fast response when users need support
  • Resources for escalated support and technology projects
  • Improved management of cyber risks

Co-Managed IT Services from a Local New Orleans IT Team

The IT function of your business can operate more efficiently, and your IT people become more successful when you fill the gaps in your IT department. Whether we’re taking care of your infrastructure, acting as your support desk, or building your cyber defense, we’ll use industry best practices and our proprietary processes to improve how IT functions.

What’s more, we’re local! Like a lot of companies these days, we have some remote employees, but everyone is US based and we’ve been doing business in New Orleans and the surrounding area since 1980.

Service Desk Support

We act as your front line of support when employees need help

Infrastructure Management

Proactive IT management prevents problems and creates predictable technology


Cyber risks are effectively managed with a multi-layered strategy. Learn More

Guidance for IT Strategy

Whatever co-managed format you choose, you get a dedicated technology consultant who will help you connect technology solutions to business problems

How to get started with Bellwether Co‑Managed IT


We’ll get acquainted and determine if there’s a mutual good fit


We’ll dig deeper to understand where you’re strong and where you need help


You learn how co-managed IT services can fill the gaps in your IT capability


We gain access to your IT systems, gather information and prepare to begin support

Go Live

Internal IT staff do what they do best while we handle the rest